Central Europe

Newland Estates and/or the Executives have had a managerial or ownership or both while acquiring, developing and managing more than $1.5 billion in properties across the continent. Below are some sample projects.

Le Meridien

Le Meridien (The Ritz-Carlton)

Development of a historic building to a 5 stars hotel


Geodis, Bucharest

Acquisition and development of a modern logistic facility


DHL HQ and Express, Hungary

Development of a logistic and HQ office building


Syngenta HQ, Budapest

Acquisition and management of a HQ office building

Nestle HQ

Nestle HQ, Budapest

Acquisition, refurbishment and sale of office building

Duna Plaza

Duna Plaza, Budapest

Development of the first modern shopping centre in the CEE region


Lagos_Nigeria_Exxon resize 2

Lagos, Nigeria

Disposal of single tenant 12 storey office development.

Abuja, Nigeria

Aquired and managed 800 hectars of urban land

Accra_Ghana_Appolonia resize

Accra, Ghana

Aquired and manage 900 hectars of urban land

Lagos, Nigeria

Aquisition advisory of 16 storey office development

Nairobi, Kenya

Development management of a decentralise urban scheme

Kampala, Uganda

Development management of a 40-unit distressed residential scheme